Volxom Incorporation takes pride to take a self initiative for growth of IT Education in Pakistan. We had started our survey and analysis in the mid of 2014 and after spending more than a year we had narrowed down a few Bitter Facts as under:

  • Pakistan does have talent but it’s not being facilitated with INCENTIVE EDUCTION or either they are not getting chances to show up their Technical Skills.
  • The major population of Talented Children is with the families who can’t support their children to pay for University Level Education. Parents do work hard for the better future of their Children but when their children enter in to Universities, heavy expenses and fees for the IT Studies cannot be borne by them.
  • Pakistan GDP always has not enough budget to spend on incentive education for the right candidates. Due to the fact, students have to go through Private Operated Universities while paying high budget costs for their stable education.

Based on above facts finding, Volxom Incorporation decided to heads up and takes this challenge with its own funding to start a small Operation in the neighbor city of Pakistan’s Capital known as Rawalpindi, Punjab. This Operation has ability to provide Basic Education of Information Technology to those individuals whose GPA stood between 3.0 to 4.0. Those individuals are offered with a 3 Months FREE OF COST course and on completion Best 10 Candidates are offered with 6 Months Internship to start their Career without any hurdles.

Currently Volxom Institution has a capacity to facilitate 40-50 students in each quarter but we are now striving to raise these numbers and open the doors to the deserving individuals as much as possible. At the time, Volxom Institution is seeking help from all over the World to encourage this 20th Generation to move along with this Era. We have started few of campaigns where you can either anonymously Help / Donate or if you would like to show your name, we have no restrictions.

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